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In my view, there was no need for the "warning" in your post. Maybe a smaller one sticking in her pussy next time? Here you have a hot babe in a sexy outfit, with superhuman powers--and she's a pure do-gooder! A villain with extra strong restraints and some GIMP tendencies subdues her, humiliates and tortures her, and then totally breaks her will, perhaps with a phallic rocket up her snatch :-) I guess for me, a superheroine in bondage symbolizes a victory for perverts over prudes.

Trust me, trying to understand why some people are so hellbent on dictating moral codes of conduct for everyone else in society is a regular discussion topic around here, and with good reason. I fucking love Superheroines in peril, and I like your work. She represents the ultimate female, with brains, brawn and looks. And that adds a nice element to my GIMP fantasies."My VERY first bondage visual that started the whole thing was in fact Yvonne Craig as Batgirl - BUT tied up and gagged as 'Barbara Gordon'" Oh yeah! And I would love to do many things to Barbara Gordon. When I say, "Why don't you take those glasses off now," they come right off, if they are not already. Superheroine bondage is like all other bondage to me - it's the scenario and the victim that determines whether I enjoy it or not. Every human who has ever lived has been simply that - just human, All Too Human, shitting, spitting, biological beasts, just like monkeys but with better tools :-) In fact, it's the opposite for me - it's the HUMAN in the supernatural that appeals to me.

I often enjoy Japanese movies where the heroine is a spy or super cop, but that's because it usually means the woman will be dressed in a really sexy outfit, such as the one Jyuri Wakabayashi wore in Industrial Spy, as seen here: Jyuri I did enjoy I was OK with the Scorpion movie (to be honest, I enjoyed the lesbo love scene in that one more than any of the GIMP scenes), but I was far more impressed with the Zero Woman movie.

It had a level of brutality in it that was inspiring. I don't know if Zero Woman qualifies as a superheroine (she's kinda cut from the same cloth as Dirty Harry), but if so, then this is one superheroine I can fully support.

It's a little tidbit about twentieth century philosophy and how it might shed lights on the asshole prudes who are always crawling up the ass of the pervert community. The reason he might be of interest here is that he wrote a series of books about the history of sexuality (called "The History of Sexuality) that really give us a certain kind of philosophical framework to argue with folks about the validity of how they define "deviance." "Deviance" are feelings and behaviors that people use to define what "normal" is. I like super heroine bondage..I'd like it better in the form of Ballista 2 for example using live people, nor cartoons...unless you're talking photo realistic type art.

A lot of what Foucault was talking about is harder to see, but when a group is campaigning to redefine deviance, it gets real obvious. Not because they are really concerned with the social problem that stupid sexual behavior can cause, but because talking about sexual deviance helps their flocks to define themselves as being righteous. I think it's the idea that these so called powerful women who are used to kicking ass, are humbled and taught that they're not so tough after all lol...maybe that's part of the appeal.

It was like that pretty girl I saw at the concert wearing spandex. The victims appear to be distorted humans, instead of highlighted normal people.Memories of having seen these 'naked' girls in bondage on occasion are happy ones!Superheroines in stories automatically suggests villains, conflict, battles, good vs evil, risk, things at stake. Of course, the mainstream of these stories never went, or go, far enough!This looks like real entertainment, what we all like to see, a film that celebrates the Victimization of Women! Just adding my birthday congratulations to Ralphus and the board. I know this was brought up before, but what exactly is the appeal of seeing women in costumes...presumably women with special powers...being put in dangerous situations? Maybe I just outgrew the idea of fantasy films involving fantasy characters.

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Ironically, looks like Tarantino is behind this one, too, so maybe he'll get this one right. Take a bow everyone who contributes - take a risk everyone who doesn't. Now, I know when I was a kid, I was pretty excited whenever Batman came on, and it was a turn-on seeing the dynamic duo and especially Batgirl being placed some sort of deathtrap that they had to endure, like Batgirl being tied to the conveyor belt heading for the buzzsaw, for instance. Especially with my bondage fantasies; they are firmly grounded in reality.From watching TV, you'd think there were rapists and pedophiles hiding in every bush in America. That's why true crime books, which are every bit as cruel and smutty as any porn, aren't controversial in the way that porn is. The idea of a good-hearted peace corps cutie getting abducted into a life of sexual slavery really gets the trousers to tighten. I loved Bat Girl, too - my favorite scene was when she was in her costume, hands tied behind her back, and dunked into a vat of chocolate pudding.

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